• What is an internal or external vacuum packing machine,how to choose?
    What is an internal or external vacuum packing machine,how to choose? Jun 29, 2024
    At present, the commercial automatic vacuum packaging machine in the market, there are internal pumping and external pumping points, of which the internal pumping is the desktop, double chamber vacuum packing machine and other vacuum chamber packaging machine, and the external pumping is said to be the external pumping vacuum packaging machine. So what are the differences and differences between these two types of products? Do you need an internal or external vacuum packaging machine? The first is the structure, the external pumping vacuum packaging machine is to complete the packaging by pumping the air into the packaging bag to be packaged, and the internal pumping is to directly pump the air in the vacuum room into a vacuum and seal it. Different construction, the corresponding production method is also different, the former is operated on the external panel, while the latter is placed in the vacuum room for sealing packaging. Double vacuum packing machine The difference in sealing length, because the external pumping vacuum packaging machine is pumped through the air nozzle, so it has no vacuum chamber, and without the vacuum chamber, it can not be restricted by the packaging length, at present, the external pumping vacuum packaging machine produced by our company can be sealed up to 1.2 meters, and the internal pumping type is more than 600 or 800, more than this length generally need to be customized. There is also the difference between the packaging object, the external pumping vacuum packaging machine is mainly used in electronic products and other anti-oxidation product packaging or all kinds of rice, plastic materials, hardware molds, vegetables, fruit agricultural and sidelined products, oil and other large items vacuum packaging, and because the internal pumping vacuum is very high, so for some products requiring high vacuum or clean and sanitary products, Most choose this color for environmental protection, such as food products. external vertical vacuum packaging machine There is also the limitation of the packaging bag, due to the difference in working performance, the external pumping vacuum packaging machine is only suitable for the sealing packaging of smooth vacuum bags, aluminum foil bags, aluminum plated bags, Yin and Yang bags, etc., and for the grain bag, the folding bag is less than the ideal sealing packaging effect, and the internal pumping vacuum packaging machine can be applied to the sealing packaging of any kind of bags.

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